“The National SJP Conference is an important event for the growing Palestine solidarity movement in the U.S. and the students who will attend are engaged in a historic struggle for global justice. In the face of intimidation, censorship, and repression within and beyond the academy, these courageous activists are challenging US complicity with occupation and apartheid and they deserve to be supported at a time when the movement is at a critical juncture.”

 Sunaina Maira, Professor of Asian American Studies, UC Davis

“Students for Justice in Palestine chapters across the country are the reason this issue will be mainstreamed in the next generation of the American conscience. They are winning an uphill battle, and facing down a wealthy and coordinated opposition. Whatever you can give, even the cost of a cup of coffee, it will go further than you think.”

 Andrew Kadi, Steering Committee member of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

“America’s college students are at the cutting edge of the global free Palestine movement in the US and across the globe and they are making a difference. We all have much to learn from their passion, dedication and dignity in the face of overwhelming odds. SJP represents the story of Palestine activism on US college campuses from a humble beginning at UC Berkeley in the early 1990s to a national movement that today is reminiscent of the Anti-Apartheid student mobilizations some decades back.

Make no mistake about it that SJP and all the pro-Palestine activists around the world are on the right side of history and it is only a matter of time when we will be vindicated.”

 Hatem Bazian, Professor at UC Berkeley and American Muslims for Palestine National Chair

“It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Palestinians now hangs in the balance. An active popular movement here seriously dedicated to peace and justice can have a major impact on the outcome. SJP has done fine work in mobilizing such forces, and the prospects for significant achievements are very real.”

 Noam Chomsky, philospher and linguist

“This incredible initiative comes at a time when the attempt to reduce Palestine geographically and demographically under the guise of a ‘peace process’ has proven to be an utter failure. A clear and united voice of the Palestinians wherever they are, and in particular in the USA, can herald the beginning of a new popular and successful struggle to bring peace and reconciliation to the whole of Palestine and to all the Palestinians wherever they are. I am sure the event is going to be a historical landmark that would empower Palestinians and Jews alike who have not given up hope in bringing peace and justice to the torn land of Palestine.”

 Ilan Pappe, Jewish historian and Professor at the University of Exeter

“More than ever before, young people in the United States are examining the situation in Palestine and questioning their government’s role in it. Through their grassroots national campaigning, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has played a crucial role in this awakening.”

 Iara Lee, film producer and direct of Cultures of Resistance

“Increasingly, SJP stands for Sophisticated, Judicious, and Potent activism for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality. Chapeau!”

 Omar Barghouti, Co-founder of the BDS movement

“With limited resources, but abundant righteousness and resolve, SJP is managing to counter the heavily-funded Israeli PR machine that has long dominated the discourse on Israel and Palestine in the US. Such efforts to raise awareness and mobilize grassroots actions in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle are vital, and provide a tremendous source of encouragement for the people on the ground daily confronting Israel’s violent policies. You help us to believe that indeed, one day Palestine will be free.”

 Huwaida Arraf, Co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement

“It is no surprise that Israel and its US lobby are focussing their efforts on suppressing campus activism for Palestinian human rights. It is because Students for Justice in Palestine groups have become the community’s conscience, demanding accountability for the US role in perpetuating the tragedy in Palestine and working for solidarity. SJPs are standing up to bullying and censorship and ensuring that the question of Palestine can no longer be silenced on campus. Now, they are taking their work to new levels with their first ever national conference. They deserve our full support because, I have no doubt, this is the generation that is going to see the fight for justice and an end to apartheid and occupation in Palestine through to victory.”

 Ali Abunimah, author and journalist

“It is completely inspiring to see a new generation organising the struggle for Palestinian justice, liberation, and return: they light the torch, and lead the way.”

 Karma Nabulsi, lecturer at Oxford University

“SJP’s growth in chapters, vision, and stature since its inception has been nothing short of remarkable. This October, chapters from all across the country will converge in New York City to take part in SJP National’s historic first conference. At the forefront of Palestine solidarity work, these students will further strengthen the foundation they’ve laid from California to Oklahoma to New York, marking a significant step in the global struggle for justice in Palestine.”

 Remi Kanazi, poet and author of Poetic Injustice

“Students for Justice in Palestin, I support you!”

 Dr. Cornel West, author and Professor at Princeton University

“Prospects are better now than ever for resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. If we do achieve a historic breakthrough, it will be principally because of the intelligence, idealism and commitment of the new generation of Palestine activists on the nation’s college campuses.”

 Norman Finkelstein, political scientist and author

“Students have long played a critical role in social justice movements, from the Civil Rights movement to the Anti-Apartheid movement to the Immigrant Rights movement, to name just a few. We are thrilled to support this historic national conference of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which illustrates the tremendous acceleration of Palestine activism on U.S. campuses. As a broad national coalition that includes community groups, faith groups, national organizations, campus groups, and more, the US Campaign strongly believes that supporting student initiatives is crucial to reaching our common goals of ending U.S. military aid to Israel and supporting Palestinian freedom, justice, and equality, as expressed in the 2005 Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS). We will do all that we can to support this conference and the inspiring SJP groups taking part in it and encourage others around the country, on and off campus, to do the same.”

 Anna Baltzer, National Organizer for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

“SJP, similar to student organizations in social justice movements past, serves as a principled and visionary example to those struggling for equality and justice in Israel/Palestine. Support their work and follow their lead.”

 Adam Horowitz, journalist and co-editor of Mondoweiss

“I’m excited and energized by your upcoming nationwide Students for Justice in Palestine conference. It could not be more timely. Thanks to the growing numbers who believe in a just peace grounded in human rights and international law, today a cohesive, focused student movement will make a huge difference – especially here in the U.S. Without U.S. military and political support, Israel would not be able to keep violating Palestinian rights.

“All groups face challenges of sustainability, even the biggest and best funded. Student groups face this challenge most of all given the built-in turnover of leaders and activists, and, indeed, this students’ movement has waxed and waned over the past decade.

“How can the momentum now be sustained to uphold Palestinian goals of self-determination, freedom, justice, and equality? Where can a national coalition’s institutional memory be preserved? Is there a way to tap paid expertise as well as volunteers in order to sustain the work? These questions challenge organizations daily.

“I have found that one learns best from one’s mistakes. I’ve seen organizations die out and others thrive. I am among the many non-students who stand ready to support you in any way we can, with our knowledge, skills, and resources, to sustain your movement.

“Thank you for all your work and best wishes for a very successful conference.”

 Nadia Hijab, director of Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network

“The National Students for Justice in Palestine conference is a pioneering project for the cultivation of critical judgment necessary for responsible citizenship in an unjust and perilous world.  It is perfectly understandable why would a younger generation of student-citizens lead the way in addressing some of the most daunting inequities troubling our world today.  I salute the courage and commitment of  Students for Justice in Palestine for this extraordinary and historic initiative.”

 Hamid Dabashi, author and Professor at Columbia University

“Student organizers are the heartbeat of the Palestine solidarity movement in the United States. As a former student activist intimately involved in Students for Justice in Palestine, this conference represents not only a historic gathering of capable, competent, and committed young minds, but also demonstrates that the student movement to promote justice and self-determination for Palestinians is firmly embedded in the principles of social justice organizing and grassroots mobilization. Without our student activists, the solidarity movement would hardly be the force it is today.”

 Noura Erakat, attorney for international human rights

“We, The Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel PSACBI), deeply appreciate you principled and consistent support for the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom in Palestine. We would like to seize this opportunity to endorse your upcoming National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference. We wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, until it complies with its obligations under international law and fully respects Palestinian rights.”

 Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel

“PACBI is pleased and inspired to see SJP groups come together from across the US to work on developing a coordinated, nation-wide campus movement for justice and comprehensive Palestinian rights.

“This conference is proof that Palestine solidarity activism in the US has come a long way since the days of purely local planning. We especially commend the SJP national organizers for tackling head on the pressing topic of apartheid and promoting awareness on this aspect of Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian rights.

“We strongly believe that by adopting BDS, SJP groups are joining a global, Palestinian-led movement that emphasizes the inalienable, UN-sanctioned rights of the entire Palestinian people and promoting effective, sustainable and peaceful means of achieving them. With the creative energies and principled commitment of SJPs, our struggle for freedom, justice and equality will be significantly boosted.”

 Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

“Organizations such as the student movement, SJP, are an integral part of the nonviolent revolution now sweeping the world. The Free Gaza movement is proud to be associated with you and your commitment to be one of the voices for justice for Palestinians.”

 Free Gaza Movement